The Mathematics of Multiplying Mice in Kent WA

Do you have Mice in your home or business?

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Mice and Rodents will cause a lot of damage.

Mice can create a huge problem for your home or business in a really short time.  They are nocturnal animals so it is possible that you won’t ever see them, but the evidence they leave behind is unmistakable – mouse droppings, scratches on soap, tears in packaged food in the pantry and other damage to furniture.  Mice will gnaw on just about anything including the wiring in your home.  They can even get into your car through air intakes. 

How fast to mice multiply?

Mice multiple at an amazing rate.  A female mouse can get pregnant at 6 weeks old.  The gestation period is approximately 20 days.  Under typical conditions she will have 5 to 10 litters of pups a year with each litter having 3 to 14 pups.  Theoretically, a single pair of mice could give birth to 60 mice in a year.  Assuming half of those are female producing their own pups after 6 weeks, you could end up over 5000 mice.  That’s not likely to happen given limits on space and food, but you get the idea.  You don’t want to waste time taking care of a mouse problem. 

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