Interesting Termite Facts

  1. There are a lot of termites.  In fact, termites outnumber humans on the planet… by a lot.  It’s estimated that for every human there are approximately 1000 lbs of termites.  I don’t know how many termites are in 1000 lbs, but it’s a lot.
  2. You can eat termites.  In the United States, we typically don’t dine on insects, but in different parts of the world it is quite popular either for sustenance or cure certain illnesses.  For example, the Macu Indians will eat termites to supplement their diet. Some Amazon cultures make a soup using termites to cure whooping cough.  In Singapore, the termite queens are a delicacy and eaten live or dipped in alcohol. But before you dig into a big helping of termites, read the next fact.
  3. Termites eat the feces of other termites.  The digestive system of termites relies on a symbiotic relationship with certain bacteria necessary for breaking down tough fibers.  They aren’t born with these bacteria so in order to “jump start” the digestive process… they eat each other’s poop.
  4. If you see a winged termite, that is a queen or king.  Most termites are soldiers or workers.  They are blind and wingless.  However, a select few are for reproductive purposes and are born with wings.  They fly, mate, and start a new colony. 
  5. Termites look like ants, but they are more closely related to cockroaches.  They have also been around a really long time.  Estimates are that the earliest termite inhabited the earth over 130 million years ago. 
  6. Alaska is the only state that doesn’t have termites.  It’s just too cold.
  7. Termites never sleep.  That means they have lots of time to eat.  In fact, a typical termite colony can eat up to 1000 lbs of wood every year.

Termites aren’t all bad.  They are good for soil and they are a necessary element of the ecosystem for breaking down dead and rotting wood.  The problem is, your home or business might look like a dead tree to them.  Left untreated, the cost for repairs can be several thousand dollars. If you suspect that you are dealing with a termite invasion, give us a call. 

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